March 27 2022

 After writing off the season due to covid rules and problems with travel and access to the lower mainland, the Vibe participated in provincials in Hope BC, March 25-27 2022.
The first game on Friday was a 3-2 loss against the league leading Meadow Ridge Moose. Both Vibe goals came from Natalie Knight with assists from Jackie Sollis and Rochelle Haywood-Farmer.
Game 2 Saturday against South Fraser TNT ended a 5-1 win for the Vibe. Goals by Jenna Ormondy, Melinda Smith, Marjorie Boisvert, Madeline Hubbard, and Allison Aie, assists to Desiree Sonneson, Allison Aie, Dannielle Butler, and Lisa Campeau.
The next game was semifinals at 5:15 Saturday against the Richmond Devils. After 2 periods of scoreless play, each team managed a goal in the third to go into overtime. At 7 minutes into OT the Devils managed to pull off a win. Vibe powerplay goal by Lisa Campeau, assisted by Danielle Butler.
Sunday saw a rematch with the Moose but the Vibe ended up on the losing end of a 3-1 score, goal by Lisa Campeau assists to Danielle Butler and Marjorie Boisvert. For a season with next to no ice time the team ended up with a fourth place finish. See you next year for hopefully a full season..
November 16 2020

The South Coast Women's Hockey League had initially hoped to do a condensed season starting in January. With the rise of Covid cases in the province and especially the lower mainland and new rules for play it was clear it would be difficult to achieve this. At a Zoom meeting last week between the league and the team it was unanimously decided it would be safer for all to cancel this season altogether and re-group for next year starting in September.
Thank you for your continued support, and stay safe.

August 8

The South Coast Women's Hockey League and its teams participated in a pair of virtual online meetings in late July to discuss the 2020-21 season and the challenges we face re: COVID-19.
In order to be prepared to resume play, the SCWHL is preparing a  Return to Play (RTP) plan to meet requirements of provincial and regional health authorities, as well as Hockey Canada and BC Hockey.
This will be done over the next several months, with a goal for completion by Nov. 15, so that we can proceed with a start to a new season in January, 2021.
Based on responses from a players' poll last month, the SCWHL will use a series of League Weekends (jamborees). Six weekends will tentatively be scheduled for January-March, with each team to play 3-4 weekends, for a league schedule of 12 games.
The poll indicated many players were concerned the rules of the game would result in a more “recreational” atmosphere at the rink. Some new rules we won’t be able to avoid implementing, but we will strive to keep the game the same as much as possible. The integrity of the competitive game is important to the league and its players.
As we go through the planning and preparations for a 2020-21 season, updates will appear regularly on the SCWHL website (

March 4

CFJC TV report by Adam Donnelly with Earl Seitz                                         (Click on link) or check our youtube channel

March 1

Vibe in 2nd spot in the SCWHL!

The Kamloops Vibe come away on their final home weekend games of the year with a 3-3 tie and a 1-0 win over the TWU Spartans. Kamloops entered the weekend in third spot.

Saturday night's game at Memorial Arena was a 3-3 tie against the Spartans who are in 4th spot. The Spartans opened the scoring in the second period with less than a minute left after a scoreless first period and the Vibe out shooting them 14-3. A buzzer beater on the power play by the Vibe evens the score. Scoring was Cat Young from Emily Edmundson. The Spartans get their 2nd goal four minutes into the third The Vibe again even it up half way into period 3 with Sarah Botter netting it from Jenna Ormondy. After some back and forth action the Vibe go ahead with Jenna Ormondy scoring from Botter and Chantelle Beadman-Rolph. The Vibe take a penalty late in the third and the Spartans capitalize scoring to even it up and the game ends in a 3-3 tie. Shots, Vibe 31-17. Ashley Fisher in net.

Sunday morning at Sandman Centre with the bright lights on the Vibe were ready for a rematch. No scoring in period one. Marjorie Boisvert finds the back of the net from Chantelle Beadman-Rolph and Alyssa Reid in period 2. The third period would also be a blank. Game ending 1-0 for Kamloops. Ashley Fisher saving all 6 shots earning her 5th shutout in 20 games, and the Vibe firing 33 at the Spartan's net minder.

Kamloops finish the regular season with a 14-3-9 record. There is a battle for 1st spot in the league with the Vibe currently tied with the Jets at 37 points. The SCWHL Provincials will be in Hope, B.C. for the second year on March 27-29, 2020. Six teams in the league will participate.

Weekend scoring:

Sarah Botter 1g 1a

Jenna Ormondy 1g 1a

Catriona Young 1g

Marjorie Boisvert 1g

Chantelle Beadman-Rolph 2a

Emily Edmundson 1a

Alyssa Reid 1a

February 23

The Kamloops Vibe captured 6 points out of 8 this past weekend at the coast playing 4 games in 3 days.

Friday nights game was vs the North Shore Rebels played at Queens Park Arena in New Westminster with the Vibe winning 2-1. There was no scoring in the first period first period. Kamloops come alive in the second period scoring the first goal with Melinda Smith charging the net on a rebound from Rochelle Smith and Jaclyn Frilund. Less than a minute later Jenna Ormondy pops one in from Marjorie Boisvert. The Rebels come on in the third with 17 shots and finally score halfway through the third period but were unable to find the equalizer. Ashley Fisher making all those stops.

Saturday morning at the Langley Sportsplex the Vibe faced the 1st spot team in the SCWHL, the Meadow Ridge Moose. Kamloops pulls off an upset with a 3-0 win! The Vibe were under some pressure in the first period with some penalty issues but found a way to score 2 goals in the second period staying out of the penalty box. First goal was Chantelle Beadman-Rolph catching a rebound from shooter Marjorie Boisvert and finding the back of the net. Five minutes later Melinda Smith answers from another Marjorie Boisvert shot. With some back and forth play Kamloops scores again with Emily Edmundson popping one in from Jackie Sollis. Make the final 3-0. Ashley Fisher was in net for her fourth shutout of the season.

Kamloops is back on the ice for a third game in less than 24 hours to play the North Shore Rebels back at Queens Park Arena. This game was a 1-1 tie final. Marjorie Boisvert all on her own finds the back of the net in the first period to make it 1-0 for the Vibe. The Rebels score early in the second. Both teams had chances to win but the game ends in a tie.

After a much needed rest the Vibe find themselves playing a tied for first Fraser Valley Jets at Planet Ice in Delta. Meadow Ridge Moose loosing to the Richmond Devils Saturday night. The Jets had not played another game all weekend and were waiting for Kamloops. The first period was back and forth with both teams having chances but the Jets score first in the second period. The Vibe don't give up and within 5 minutes of the third period Rochelle Smith scores from Jackie Sollis and Courtney Parker. A very even match and the game ends in another tie. Ashley Fisher in net.

The Vibe remain in third place in league standings, 1 point below the Jets and tied with the Moose at 34

Weekend scoring:

Melinda Smith 2g

Rochelle Smith 1g 1a

Jaclyn Frilund 1a

Jenna Ormondy 1g

Marjorie Boisvert 1g 3a

Chantelle Beadman-Rolph 1g

Emily Edmundson 1g

Jackie Sollis 2a

Courtney Parker 1a

CFJC TV March 4 2020

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